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Landlord Representation

  • Maximize value of an asset

    By increasing revenue at the most opportune time

  • Innovative Leasing Strategies

    That are proven in practice

  • Access to expert market knowledge

    To position an asset in front of the competition

  • Custom tailored leasing plans

    Designed to meet an owner’s comprehensive objectives

  • Real time Accountability

    Technology driven and client focused

  • Solid Reputation in the market

    That gives a project instant credibilty and drives activity

  • An Owner’s perspective to Leasing

    As owners and operators we approach leasing from that gained perspective

Client first…Always

EQUISTONE PARTNERS markets every client property as if it were our own. Through a comprehensive leasing program custom tailored to the client-partner, we maximize investments. We evaluate the market climate, interview the client, craft a game plan and execute. Our brokers apply effective strategies to add value to our client-partner assets.

Client success defines our success. Actively tracking and pursuing tenants in the market allows us insight into future tenant needs and trends. Our deep brokerage relationships coupled with a comprehensive prospect tracking and management system drive success for our client-partner assets.

What our clients say about us

“I have worked with Tyler Harrison for over two years now and he has exceeded every one of my expectations of a real estate broker. The assets I manage have most certainly benefited from his strong work ethic, tenacity and strategic thinking. I have worked with many brokers in my 25-year career in commercial real estate, and I consider Tyler Harrison the best broker I have worked with during this time. He sincerely cares about the success of my projects and he knows what to do to achieve that success. I would highly recommend Tyler Harrison to anyone looking for commercial real estate representation.”

Leo Ghitis, President

Ghitis Property Company

“Our company has approximately 3,000,000 square feet of commercial real estate in fifteen states, and we depend on our brokers to lease up our vacancies. I know the difference between brokers that can perform, and brokers that cannot perform. Tyler Harrison is a broker that performs. He focused on our property, and did what it took to work diligently to get out property to 100% occupancy within four months. For any real estate company that is results oriented, Tyler Harrison will perform. I highly recommend him for any leasing needs.”

Sam Spiegel, President

Samco Properties

“I am writing this letter to express our appreciation for the consistent excellent efforts you put into leasing our building at 180 Grand. Although we have now sold the building (due, in no small part, to your success in getting us past the 90% leased mark with quality tenants), we look forward to working with you in the future. We greatly appreciated your knowledge of the market and your candor in assessing potential deals. While we have no problems referring you to other potential clients, please note that we

look forward to remaining as a client. Again, thank you for your services.”

Rajiv Parikh,Vice President


“Michael actually represented the landlord in my negotiation for Breezy’s first and second office leases, and he was thoroughly professional, honest and friendly throughout the process. He was easy to deal with in all respects, and I’d be more than happy to work with him from either side of the table.”


Jared Hansen, CEO

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